This tool allow you to interact with the barter contract written by Javier GraciĆ” Carpio. Contract source code is available on github and you can interact with the contract on

Propose a trade

Tokens URL can be an url of a HEN, OBJKTCOM, VERSUM or FXHASH minted token. For any other token on a custom smartcontract, then just enter KTxxxx/TOKEN_ID (where KTxxx is the address of the minter smartcontract, and TOKEN_ID is the id of the TOKEN on that smartcontract)

Enter the list of tokens url that you offer to trade, one per line:
Enter the list of tokens url that you want to receive, one per line:
If this is a negociated trade, enter the wallet address (in tz... format) of the person with whom you want to do this trade, otherwise leave this empty for anyone to accept this trade

Get trade id from ophash

If the tool was not able to provide you a trade id after a proposal, you can get it from the ophash

Accept a trade

If someone gave you a TRADE ID that you want to accept, make sure that you own the requested token(s) and that they are not currently swapped. Just enter the TRADE ID, and execute the trade. The contract will send your token(s) to the person who proposed the trade, and you will receive the token(s) proposed, which are already stored in the contract.

Cancel a trade

At any time, you can cancel a trade proposal as long as you have the TRADE ID and you are the one who created the trade proposal.

Active trades proposals